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Why Solid Wood Is Unmatchable

Solid Wood Furniture – Reasons to Buy

There are various substances nowadays that the modern furniture are made from. If we talk about the wooden furniture, we can find them made from solid wood, MDF, plywood, or veneer to name a few. MDF (also referred as engineered wood), plywood, and veneer have been quite common material in furniture making over the years for several reasons. Most importantly, these are economical choices as compared to solid wood and of course there might be some other reasons to buy MDF, plywood, or veneer furniture, but despite these advantages, there are still various factors that do not allow them to win over solid wood.

To define in simple term, we can say that the solid wood is which has been directly obtained from trees suitable for furniture making. Teak (sagwan), Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), Oak, Beech, Mahogany, Walnut, and Mango are the trees chiefly used in solid wood furniture manufacturing.

LITTLE MORE ABOUT SOLID WOOD: Furniture made from solid wood are actually made from two types of solid wood i.e. hardwood and softwood. That availed from trees like Pine and Cypress fall under softwood and are comparatively easier to cut and shape and are not heavier as furniture, but they will be lighter in appearance and are more susceptible to scratching as compared to hardwoods.

Woods obtained from trees like Oak, Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), Beech, and Teak are considered hardwood. Hardwood trees usually have broad leaves. Hardwoods are dense and natural grain patterns are heavier in appearance on hardwood.

There are several objects around us which are not worth making if they are not made from solid wood. Solid wood is effectively utilized in construction, boat building, flooring, musical instruments, furniture making, cooking etc.

Despite economical or various other reasons that MDF, plywood, or veneer furniture carry, the solid woods have very strong and reasonable ground to be used as furniture. Below are some points which can be decisive while making choices between solid wood and furniture of other substances.

• Appearance is undoubtedly the most significant reason to buy a solid wood furniture when we are looking for elegance, smoothness, and luster in the surrounding interior and decor of the place. It will be injustice to compare the natural beauty with artificial one even in the furniture. Solid woods have stunning and appealing natural grain patterns which keep changing on every other piece thus making them unique and timeless. These natural grain patterns and the knots come out lively on skillfully shaped and polished furniture and these characteristics make them matchless with other kind of material used in furniture.

• Density of the solid woods make them durable, so crafting and shaping of solid wood may not be easy and are time taking, but durability of the furniture is far better compared to ones made from other kind of woods. Solid wood furniture can go lifelong with proper care and maintenance and regular polishing.

• When it comes to damage recovery, solid woods are typically easier to repair if they are damaged by scratches, dents, or stains, which might be quite difficult or not worth in other kinds of woods like MDF, plywood, or veneer. Since these engineered woods are not dense and rather have hollow portions in them, they are susceptible to complete and unrecoverable damage by the scratches and dents in that particular affected part of the piece and repairing might not be acceptable in terms of appearance and durability, but in case of scratched or dented solid wood furniture, they have potential of makeover with smartly sanding them down and refinishing with waxing/polishing the scratched or dented portion because the solid wood do not have danger of exposing the core board underneath, which is not the case in MDF, plywood, and veneer.

So above are unquestionably the determining factors to buy solid wood furniture when we are planning of not merely buying the furniture, but rather investing in furniture considering them an asset for us and the generations to come.

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