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Fabric Bunk Beds –the Best You Can Find Online

When you have two kids living in small bedroom, getting bunk bed is brilliant idea. It saves space, gives your kids more room to play, and makes way for other essential pieces of furniture including desk, wardrobe, etc.When you’re looking for bunk bed, you’ll find that they’re either wood or metal.However, it is possible to find upholstered bunk beds that add a touch of sophistication and style to any bedroom. They are padded and upholstered in fabric, making them more comfortable for your children compared to a wooden and metal bunk bed or a fabric bunk bed.

Here are some tips when choosing an upholstered bunk bed:

  •  Generally, full bunk bed can’t be separated into two single beds. But we’ve found one that can be separated – check out number 5 on this list! With wooden bunk beds, a lot of them can be separated into two single beds. Giving you more flexibility on using it in the future.
  • All upholstered bunk beds or padded bunk beds fit a single mattress size, there are no upholstered triple bunk beds or L-shaped bunk beds.
  • The top bunk should not be used by kids who are 6 years or younger, due to safety reasons. Only once your child reaches 6 years old, you can move him/her to the top bunk.