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Bunk Beds - the Space Saving and Fun Solution for your Kid’s Bedroom All parents agree that children grow up really fast! One day they are the wobbly toddlers moving around the little cribs and craving for your attention, then a few years later 

Mar 23, 2019 | By anil bora | Comments

Bunk Beds - the Space Saving and Fun Solution for your Kid’s Bedroom

All parents agree that children grow up really fast! One day they are the wobbly toddlers moving around the little cribs and craving for your attention, then a few years later they are the sassy little grown-ups needing their own rooms to have some privacy! So, it is always a good idea to prepare beforehand by designing their bedroom with things they enjoy, thus letting them grow up having fun in their own little ways.

The most important part of designing your kid’s bedroom is to have a good and strong bed so that your precious little grown-ups are tucked in safe for the night and also have a great time when they are awake. If you are too busy to search for a good and strong kids’ bed running from store to store in the city, you can find many kids bed online on various websites offering kids furniture. But how to choose a safe and fun option, that will be loved both by you and by your kids?

No matter how big your children’s bedroom is, a bunk bed can be a good and enjoyable idea. Whether your kids are sharing their rooms or they are having friends come once in a while for sleepovers, bunk beds for kids can be practical and save a lot of space. For smaller bedrooms, bunk bed with storage can be the best option as there is a lot of free space left in the room to add a desk, a chair, a bookshelf or other storage furniture.

A lot of parents are not sure whether buying a bunk bed online will be safe and how long-lasting it will be. A good bunk bed brought from a well known and trusted online furniture store can be absolutely safe. But searching for a reliable kids furniture store can be a hassle for parents as there are several options online.

Aprodz is one of the fastest growing and most popular stores selling furniture online in india. We have an extensive collection of bunk beds for kids that are durable, stylish and safe. We also offer custom made bunk bed for customers who want some personal touches for their kids furniture. We are one of the best online bunk bed shops in Bangalore. So the parents looking for kids furniture in Bangalore can check our collections, choose the one they need and have them delivered to their doorstep within a few days.

Things to look for before buying a bunk bed

Safety – Safety is the primary concern when buying a bunker bed online. There are many materials available for children bed online, although, wood can be the sturdiest choice that offers much flexibility in style. For a sturdy bunk bed, there should be strong guardrails to prevent your child from falling during their sleep and sturdy stairs to avoid unwanted accidents while they are climbing to the top bunk. Aprodz has a great collection of wooden strong bunk beds online India. The Moyer Bunk Bed by us has an upper guardrail as an added safety, sturdy stairs and a lot of space for your children to be comfortable. Our Shipry Bunk Bed has a stylish wooden finish with a footboard that adds to the aesthetics apart from being extremely strong and safe.

Style – When designing your kids’ bedroom, you should keep in mind to make it as practical as stylishly possible. Aprodz stylish bunk beds offer a lot more than the safety and abundant space to sleep. We have duco painted bunk beds that are extremely trendy. Your kids will love them and enjoy inviting friends or cousins over for sleepovers. If you were worried about finding a good bunker bed for sale in Bangalore for your little prince and princess, we have the perfect bed for you to buy. Our Heldcys Bunk Bed made from solid mango wood has a royal white paint and is suitable for a little boy and a little girl to sleep. It is sturdy, trendy and a movable ladder that can be adjusted. These pretty white bunk beds also have storage to keep their things separated and avoid the dreaded fights over lost items!

Customisation – Bunk beds should have the flexibility to let you customise them based on your requirement. At Aprodz we welcome you to customise bunk beds depending on your choices. If you want a more space-saving solution for the children's room, you can go for a bunk bed with desk or a bunk bed with study table online India customised for you, that will save the space by eliminating the need for a separate study table. If you are looking for an extra sleeping space, you can get a bunk bed with trundle for occasional sleepovers, a 3-tier bunk bed like Ipsotu Bunk Bed by Aprodz can be extremely practical. A bunk bed with slide india can add a fun element to the furniture and make your little mischief makers overjoyed! Many of the bunk beds we offer can also be easily separated to make individual beds when needed.

Storage – For a smaller room, a bunk bed with storage can be helpful as the extra compartments can accommodate toys, bedding, clothes and books, keeping the beds clean and tidy. We at Aprodz offer several options for storage enabled bunker bed online. The Skidslo Bunk Bed comes with storage and extra drawers below the wide stairs. The stairs are safer and stronger. You can customise this bunk bed India online based on your need at Aprodz.

Few tips to ensure safety for bunk beds

Bunk beds are useful and stylish. They can be safe when bought from trusted stores. But we all know how unpredictable kids can be! So no matter from where you buy your furniture, you should take some extra steps after installation for bunk beds delhi to be safer, even if they are proved to be safe and pass all guidelines for safety. Here are some tips to ensure added safety for bunk beds for kids.

• Ensure that there are guardrails on both sides of the bed and your child cannot slip beneath.

• Check that there is no opening other than the entry or exit side of the bed.

• If one of your kids is below six years old, ensure that he or she sleeps in the bottom bunk.

• Position the bed in a safe corner of the room, at a distance from ceiling fans to avoid accidents.

• Buy firm and proper sized mattresses that are comfortable as well.

• If you are assembling the beds yourself, be sure to follow directions properly to avoid any mistakes that can lead to unwanted accidents later.

• Explain to your kids the importance of safety while sitting or sleeping on the bunk beds and make them understand that it is not a plaything.

If you are a parent, concerned about your children’s growing need of a separate room and added space, bunk beds are the ideal solution for you. To help you get good and affordable kids furniture India for your children’s bedroom, we at Aprodz offer bunk bed online cheap India as one of the most stylish and practical solutions. We are one of the trusted stores that offer the best furniture online in India and deliver to several bigger and smaller cities across the country. Our happy customers in several Indian cities can testify for our services.

So, if you have moved to a new city, no need to ‘Google’ kids furniture store near me or look around the town for a kids furniture store to decorate your children’s room, rather visit our website www.aprodz.com for a great collection of readymade and customised bunk beds online cheap in your city.

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