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Arthur 2 Set Dining Chair 2 of Set

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Belgrove 2 Set Dining Chair

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Bergen 2 Set Dining Chair

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Bilbao 2 Set Dining Chair

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Bruges 2 Set Dining Chair

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Callao 2 Set Dining Chair

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Campo 2 Set Dining Chair

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Cannes Dining Chair

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Collection Micha Modern Upholstered Velvet and Metal Bench

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Cordoba 2 Set Dining Chair

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Cucuta 2 Set Dining Chair

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Cuiaba 2 Set Dining Chair with Curved Back

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Dann Stool

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Durque 2 Set Dining Chair

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Durque Box Bench with Storage

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Eastern Modern Dining Room Kitchen Chairs, Velvet, 32 Inch Height, Set of 2

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Edirne 2 Set Dining Chair

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Folding Dining Chair

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Folding Step Side End Table

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Hamburg Dining Chair 2 of Set

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Houston Stool

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Marceio 2 Set Dining Chair

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Metal and Upholstered Bench with Cushion Shoe Storage Shelf

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Naples 2 Set Dining Chair

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Natal 4 Set Dining Chair

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Orlando 2 Set Dining Chair

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Pensac 2 Set Dining Chair

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Pensacola 2 Set Dining Chair

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Plata 2 Set Dining Chair

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Porto 2 Set Dining Chair

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Rosario 2 Set Dining Chair

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Rove Fabric Dining Chair (Set of 2)

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Salta 2 Set Dining Chair

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Salvador 2 Set Dining Chair

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Sioux 2 Set Dining Chair

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Seating Furniture Ideas for Indian Homes

Indians live by the phrase “Athithi Deva Bhava”, which means, “A Guest is Akin to God”. Thus, we love to have guests in our homes, serve delicious food and forge a lasting bond. A guest in an Indian home is greeted with the beautiful furniture, lovely decor, tasty food and smiling faces! Therefore, comfortable seating furniture is pertinent to a warm homeowner hosting their guests.

Usually, the living room having the sofa sets and coffee tables is the sitting room in the home for guests. But you will need sitting room furniture in other parts of the house, like the dining, kitchen and bedroom. Aprodz brings to you collection of Indian seating furniture designs, not for your home but also businesses. Therefore, you will find comfortable and soft seating furniture for office, and restaurant chairs, benches, and stools as well.

Here we present seating modern seating furniture ideas for Indian homes that will nurture the host in you! We will discuss different seating arrangements that you can consider for various corners of your home – both indoors and outdoors.

Seating Furniture : For the Living Room

The living room is the most happening place in the home, which buzzes with life every day. Most of us love to entertain our guests in the living room and converse over beverages. Therefore, apart from the usual sofa furniture as seating, it is better to have arrangements for extra sitting.
The seating furniture types for a living room may include stools, pouffes, ottomans, benches, recliners, loungers etc. The choice of furniture depends on the size of the room and the number of people living in your home. When considering the material of choice, there is a wide variety of options like wood, metal, cane, etc. Wood has a classic appeal and metals can be trendy while cane furniture can bring a ‘desi’ vibe. You can choose to depend upon the other furnishings in your home, the colour of the walls and fabrics.

Benches can be a versatile piece of seating furniture for the living room being quite a trend in modern homes. They are stylish and spacious and may come with storage provisions. Moreover, a stylish one like the Kerker Bench by Aprodz can be an absolute scene-stealer! With the classic wooden finish and a plush seat, it will be an excellent addition to the living room.
As lounge seating furniture in your living room, a recliner can be useful for sitting and even napping. Besides, chaise loungers and daybeds are also popular furniture for the living room. Young homeowners love low seating furniture in India and many prefer them to traditional sofa sets.

Footstools, ottomans, and pouffes can add a western appeal to the living room. Nevertheless, a traditional cane stool with an ethnic cover can reflect the rich and beautiful Indian culture.

For the Bedroom

While the bed is the king in your bedroom, buying some seating furniture for the bedroom can be a good idea. Dedicated seating furniture is useful because they can keep your bed clean. You can relax with a book on an armchair and place a bench by the foot of the bed. Also, a stool can work with a dresser while a well-built chair can accompany a work desk.
The sturdy and stunning Abekr Bench by Aprodz will be an excellent choice as a bedroom bench. It comes without a backrest and a comfortable seat. You can place it in the master bedroom, by the foot of the bed, to add some texture and interest. Then again, an armchair in smaller bedrooms with a floor lamp by its side is great for some light reading.
Moreover, modular seating furniture, customised for bedrooms can work as well. For example, you may want bookshelves along with a reading corner and a small storage space. It will work as library-seating furniture for a corner right in your bedroom.

For the Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room is incomplete without proper seating furniture. The dining chairs should appropriate height and cosy seats to make everyone comfortable while eating. Wooden chairs like the Durque 2-Set dining chairs by Aprodz are excellent for Indian homes. It has a traditional yet stylish design that can complement any style of room decor.

Many homeowners prefer to have stools near the kitchen counter as utility furniture, e.g. the Dann Stool by Aprodz. These are very versatile and can be used for sitting or standing. Alternatively, the wooden Folding Step Stool is perfect for reaching higher shelves in the kitchen. However, you may use it as a shelf too, to display potted plants, showpieces, up-cycled artworks, etc.

For Outdoors – Balcony, Garden or Patio

Outdoor seating furniture is underrated but quite useful in modern homes. Be it an apartment, a villa, a house or a bungalow, having outdoor furniture is never a bad investment. Using indoor furniture in the outdoors can make them vulnerable to wear and tear. The harsh weather outside, strong sun rays, fog and humidity can shorten their lives. Therefore, it is always smarter to get proper outdoor seating area furniture made to withstand harsh conditions.

Wooden seating furniture for outdoors that can withstand sunlight and humidity can work for porches or balcony. Reclaimed wood benches can work for outdoor sitting and have a rustic vibe. Many homeowners prefer cane and plastic chairs for outdoor seating because of their longevity. However, they are lightweight and may not be able to withstand strong winds. On the other hand, metal chairs are great for places with less humidity. So, before choosing balcony or garden seating furniture, consider the climate of the region.

For the Entryway or Hallway

The entryway or hallway of your home is the first place any guest will notice. Therefore, decking up that corner can be a good idea. You can place a console table displaying beautiful showpieces to create a great first impression. Besides, you can buy hallway seating furniture like a bench with storage where you can sit to wear shoes. Thus, a seat by the entryway is both welcoming and practical. Small stools and ottomans can also work as hall seating furniture, tucked under a console table.

Tips to remember

Before you decide on buying seating furniture, here are some tips from us that you may consider.

• Prefer comfort to style. So, look for supportive and comfortable seats apart from choosing a stunning design.
• Always consider the size of the room and the purpose of the seating furniture before buying.
• When buying chairs or stool, a footrest can add comfort. Besides, you may prefer a backrest for the benches in the living room.
• If available, prefer customisations. We offer to customise our seating furniture to help you get a product that perfectly fits your needs.