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Mango Wood

Mango wood

Mango Wood (Solid Wood)

Environmental and climatic issues are major concern for everyone nowadays. Going green is a mandatory way to go for all responsible humans on the earth. Sustainable living and wise use of the natural resources are becoming a top priority for people of all walks of life. Furniture maker or manufacturers are under more pressure as they are among the industries which deal more with the woods as comparted to others as wood is the very first raw material for furniture makers and wood come obviously from trees. Following this pressure, the furniture industry is always on look for better options which can be environment friendly. Thanks to the mother nature, as it always provides better options on time to time. Mango woods are one of them among those better options over other woods. Mango wood is increasingly becoming a wise eco friendly alternative for furniture industry. Mango wood is getting popularity among the furniture consumers also.

Almost all the categories of furniture like bedssofa setscofreetablesdressing tableschairscabinets and many more are crafted out of Mango Wood..

ABOUT MANGO WOOD :- Mango wood is obtained from mango tree. Southeast Asia is home for mango trees, but now mango cultivation can be found in many parts of the world. The most common useful part of the mango tree is the mango fruit. The mango fruit is called king of all fruits in Indian subcontinent because of its taste and health benefits. Mangoes have been in great demand for centuries and this demand in turn increases the demands of mango tree cultivation. Over a period of time, when fruit bearing capacity of the mango trees gradually becomes low, the trees are worth cutting down. The wood cut from the mango trees become best raw material for furniture industry and construction industry too.

Why Mango wood is one of the best choices for furniture?

Mango wood is a dense and strong wood, also called hardwood or solid wood. The wood has straight or curly grains with usually golden brown or yellowish color. Following are a few things that make mango wood the good choice for furniture:

> Mango woods are Eco friendly and sustainable. Since mango fruits are in great demands every year, so the mango trees are always grown in great quantity to beat the demand of the fruit. These circumstances result in providing a good amount of mango wood for use because mango trees’ fruit bearing capacity becomes low and the trees are left to cut down only and cut down woods become best option for furniture industry. Since mango trees are grown in huge quantity following huge demands of the mango fruit, so cutting down of mango trees for furniture making does not become a threat for the environment. Looking at the above scenario, mango wood proves to be an Eco friendly and sustainable option as a wood.

Mango wood is less costly compared to other hardwood like teak.

> A substantial wood for furniture making. Although the mango wood is categorized under hardwood, yet in fact it is not as hard or tough to work with, rather mango wood is soft to cut and give shapes and is a good choice for detailed and complex designs on the wood. Mango wood is strong but light in weight, so it is an ideal wood for large furniture pieces. Natural pattern and color of the wood are additional features to the strength of the mango wood. Mango woods have high water resistance, thus are perfect choice of wood for outdoor furniture. But yes, mango woods too need chemical treatment against insect or fungus attacks. Musical instruments and kitchen accessories are also made out of mango wood.

> Easy maintenance – Mango wood furniture need very minimal attention. Just avoid too much sunlight to fall on the furniture because cracks may develop on them. Apply natural oils with the help of a plain cloth on the furniture to keep the wood moist and hydrated and avoid drying up of the wood.

In summary, we can conclude that mango woods are a better choice over other woods for its strength, durability, sustainability, and Eco friendly aspect and is a good support in go green mission. Mango wood’s pattern and color also make it a great choice for small and large furniture.

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