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“Thank you for your kind words, but it was such a pleasure to be able to get your designs. Hope to continue sharing in future too.”

Above were the only sentences from Ms. Neerja and rest spoke her pictures that she sent to us after arranging the furniture bought from Aprodz.

There is an old saying that Pictures Speak a thousand words. Team Aprodz did not take any time to understand this saying the moment we got some pics from our esteemed customer Ms. Neerja from Bengaluru. She felt sorry that she could not send the pictures of the furniture in time that she decorated in her house, but when we received the pictures from her we felt that the word Sorry is not for her as this kind of the representation of furniture is something that really needs time to contemplate. Decorating the furniture is also an art and shows the spiritual side of a person and that is what Team Aprodz could assume after seeing the pics of Jhula sent by Ms. Neerja. The way so esthetically she has hanged the Jhula with the glass background shows her spiritual side of seeing the objects. Daytime and nighttime lights both natural light and interior lighting make the Jhula capable of changing the surrounding interior into a pleasant experience for the onlookers. Another wood furniture Ms. Neerja got from us were a kitchen cabinet, an armoire and a shoe rack. Just by looking at the pics only one can conclude her sense of caring for the nonliving artefacts and her sense of aesthetics when it comes to decorating the furniture. Just by looking at the pic of the shoe rack, one can gauge Ms. Neerja’s attitude towards cleanliness and gracefulness as this shoe rack looks far more than a wooden cabinet made for storing shoes, rather its placement and neat and tidy arrangement make it a piece of furniture that can affect the surrounding interior and décor extremely positively. The same justice Ms. Neerja has done with Kitchen hutch and armoire as their establishment and arrangement is just electrifying the wood finish and design and just respecting Team Aprodz’s efforts.

Actually, Ms. Neerja ordered a wooden wardrobe first and she was quite satisfied with the quality of work. This developed her faith in our craftsmanship and she ordered a wooden Jhula, a kitchen hutch, an armoire, and a wooden shoe rack. Team Aprodz used solid wood for all the furniture. Jhula and kitchen hutch were given wooden polish to flaunt natural grain patterns of the wood. The armoire was given a distressed finish which just amplified the horizontal strips pattern of the door. The shoe rack painted in white duco and the carvings on the cabinet doors got the boost by the white paint.

All in all, Team Aprodz was more than satisfied by the lovely and careful establishment of its craftsmanship. We really appreciate Ms. Neerja for her attitude towards the furniture and this attitude has encouraged Team Aprodz to give its best at every next craftsmanship they attempt to.

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