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Arthur 2 Set Dining Chair 2 of Set

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Belgrove 2 Set Dining Chair

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Bergen 2 Set Dining Chair

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Bilbao 2 Set Dining Chair

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Bruges 2 Set Dining Chair

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Callao 2 Set Dining Chair

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Campo 2 Set Dining Chair

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Cannes Dining Chair

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Cordoba 2 Set Dining Chair

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Cucuta 2 Set Dining Chair

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Cuiaba 2 Set Dining Chair with Curved Back

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Durque 2 Set Dining Chair

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Eastern Modern Dining Room Kitchen Chairs, Velvet, 32 Inch Height, Set of 2

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Edirne 2 Set Dining Chair

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Folding Dining Chair

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Hamburg Dining Chair 2 of Set

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Marceio 2 Set Dining Chair

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Naples 2 Set Dining Chair

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Natal 4 Set Dining Chair

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Orlando 2 Set Dining Chair

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Pensac 2 Set Dining Chair

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Pensacola 2 Set Dining Chair

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Plata 2 Set Dining Chair

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Porto 2 Set Dining Chair

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Rosario 2 Set Dining Chair

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Rove Fabric Dining Chair (Set of 2)

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Salta 2 Set Dining Chair

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Salvador 2 Set Dining Chair

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Sioux 2 Set Dining Chair

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Soacha 2 Set Dining Chair

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Stras 2 Set Dining Chair

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Torrance 2 Set Dining Chair

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Varna 2 Set Dining Chair

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A Guide to Buying Dining Chairs for your Home

Whether it is for daily meals or a house party. The dining room in your home brings friends and families together. From small brunches to family dinners, people love to sit around the dining table. And enjoy the delicious food, share thoughts and make memories. Therefore comfortable dining chairs is very important to make it an enjoyable experience.

While you may buy a dining table with chairs as a set, there are also options to go for each of them separately. Therefore, you may get a table first and then buy the chairs online or from an offline shop. The dining chairs without table can come in various styles, like vintage, modern, and retro. There is also a wide variety of materials to choose from. Like dining chairs made from steel, wrought iron, wood and with or without upholstery. We at Aprodz specialize in beautiful wooden dining chairs to go with the dining table in your home.

However, before you can select one from our exquisite collection. Besides we present you a guide on choosing the perfect dining chairs online.

Reasons to buy a wooden chair

Wooden dining chairs have a timeless appeal. So, you cannot go wrong with them. The wooden tones on any furniture bring elegance to any room. Most homes prefer to have wooden furniture. In other words, with wood-finish because they hardly ever go out of style. They suit almost all kinds of room décor, along with being durable and stylish. Moreover, wooden chairs are also quite versatile. Therefore, if you plan to redo your dining room decor and want new chairs, you may use the older ones as desk chairs. Or place them in the balcony along with a tiny tea table to create a cozy corner!

Solid wood used at Aprodz’s for dining table and chairs. Crafted with care solid wood like Sheesham and mango, to adorn your home. The durable and sturdy dining chairs come in various styles. Like cross-backed, slat backed, arched stretches and tapered or spindled legs, etc.
You will find stylish pieces like the Arthur 2-Set Dining Chair. That comes in various colours, with a high fan back and shallow saddle-shaped seat. On the other hand, you may find Cucuta 2-Set Dining Chair more appealing with its classic retro look!

Dining chairs with tables made from wood are also suitable for commercial purposes. They can work well as restaurant chairs because of their durability. Their aesthetic and classic appeal will make your customers want to have a seat. And enjoy the delicious dishes you serve!

The various styles of wooden dining chairs

As we have already discussed. That dining chair designs can come in contemporary, retro and vintage. However, how to buy dining chairs that will suit your home décor? Here are a few things you should keep in mind while buying.

  • Contemporary Styles – These are the most versatile designs you can find when buying a dining chair online. They can suit both bigger and smaller dining rooms. They are also perfectly suited for kitchen cum dining halls in smaller apartments. The contemporary designs are perfect for open spaces. Like in restaurants with outdoor seating. Modern dining table chairs may come in steel and iron among other metals or even recycled wood. One contemporary dining chairs is the Durque 2-Set by Aprodz. It has a mix of classic and modern style and comes with an upholstered seat for extra comfort.
  • Retro Styles – Retro style chairs are best suited for a themed home. Many modern homeowners love to fashion their homes with retro furniture. Also, wall painting and decor items from the 70s and the 60s. A retro-style dining table and chair set can fit perfectly into the decor. However, if you do not have an already retro-themed dining room. Then you can create the ambience with a light above the dining table. And a retro-style mirror on the accent wall and some metallic wall decors. A retro-styled dining chair will have a lighter colored body. Similarly like the Belgrove 2-Set by Aprodz. This elegant piece with tapered legs and ladder back style. Along with a beautiful wooden finish will surely you give the 70s feel in 2021!
  • Vintage Styles – Vintage style dining chair and tables have a classic appeal. With a darker wooden finish and carved legs. It can also offer a rustic charm to the dining room. Spindle backs and ladder-back styles are common among these designs. Some of them may come with upholstery. Wooden chairs in vintage design will work in any home, thanks to their simplicity. Mid-century style dining chairs are quite a rage in modern homes now. Therefore, if you are looking for a chair with the old world charm, you can check out the Campo 2-Set by Aprodz. Which comes with elegantly carved legs, upholstered seat and rustic wooden finish. It can accompany a dark colour Sheesham wood dining table with carved or tapered legs.
  • Upholstered Style – Upholstered chairs come with fabric or leather upholstery. You can choose a fabric like linen, which usually comes in neutral hues like cream, grey or white. On the other hand, leather upholsteries are tan, black or cream for most chairs. While these pieces are stunning and comfy, they are a tad high maintenance. Even so, if you wish for a stylish upholstered chair, you can choose one like the Rosario 2-Set Dining Chair. With an elegant dark body and a black leather upholstered seat.
    Tips to choose a dining chair

To buy a kitchen and dining room chair for your home, you may consider a few things before a buying decision.

  1. Purpose – You should consider how frequently you are using dining table set. So you can decide if you want high maintenance or a low maintenance design. If you love to host parties every weekend. Then we suggest going for low maintenance and non-fussy design. Nevertheless, if you are a connoisseur of elegantly crafted furniture. Then you may want to go that extra mile to maintain its charm. Well, then we say go for anything that looks appealing!
  2. Table Size – Consider the size, shape and style of your dining table before buying a chair. A table with a wooden top may go well with a vintage or retro style chair. But contemporary styles can work even with glass-topped or marble-topped tables. So, get creative, mix and match to fashion own furniture combination!
  3. Budget – Try to calculate an approximate budget. Before you start looking for chairs for your table online or offline. You may not want to exhaust your entire budget on chairs! Also, keep in mind the number of chairs (for 4-seater or 6-seater tables) you will need. So that you can check the price per chair, to fit your budget.
  4. Customisations – We at Aprodz offer customizations for almost all of our products, and our buyers love them! We offer you to customise the designs according to your requirement and we are happy to oblige! A customized dining chair can seamlessly blend into your room décor. And perfectly sit in the dining hall around the table.

Maintenance Tips

Wooden dining chairs and tables are usually not very high maintenance. So, you can easily clean them with a dry cloth. Also, you can buy dining chair covers to keep them free from dust and increase their lifespan. Loose covers can come in fabrics like linen or cotton and various designs like floral or block print. You can only change the covers to get a brand new makeover!