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Beautiful Ideas to Decorate your Living Room Coffee Table

Decorating your own home can be fun and enriching. It starts from choosing the furnishings to matching the colour schemes, creating a theme and adding decor pieces to match your lifestyle and taste. While each and every part of your home needs to be beautified keeping in with their purposes, the living room is the corner that you love to flaunt. The perfect living room decor can reflect the owner’s personal taste and generate positive energy.

A coffee table is an integral part of the living room decor. It anchors the whole décor of the place, creates a mood and makes the living room more interesting. Choosing the correct coffee table sets to match with your sofa, couch or day bed can create a welcoming atmosphere that is loved by everyone who visits your home.

Before you decide to buy coffee tables, you consider a lot of things that include the room size, the overall décor of your home, maintenance and your personal style. Once you have bought it, you cannot just lay it down as it is, hoping it looks good. You will not be able to create a beautiful focal point without styling and decorating it properly.

The most important part of decorating coffee tables in the living room is choosing the correct centerpiece. The next part of the styling will involve creating accents to match the centerpiece and include additional pieces to create a balance or uniformity. The number of pieces, size of the centerpiece, color or style, etc. depends on the design of the table. Here are some items that can work as great centerpieces for a living room coffee table in modern homes.

Flowers and vases – Flowers on beautiful vases and pots are the most popular choice as centerpieces for a coffee table whether small or big in size. Flowers are versatile and can add freshness to the decoration. This decor can suit a coffee table in round shape or rectangular or square. You have to choose the shape, material and size of the vase to suit the table design. For example, the Puerto coffee table with a marble top and steel can have a ceramic vase adorned with colorful flowers that can be altered each season. You can create accents with books, figurines or empty vases having unique patterns. Flowers are the perfect decor idea for anyone who is not sure about how to start.

Puerto coffee tableCandles – Candles in different sizes and colors are the perfect items for anyone looking for easy decor ideas. They are available easily and do not cost a fortune. You can combine different sizes of candles to create the look. It will be more aesthetic to combine candles of similar colors so that nothing looks out of place. You can add stylish candle stands and scented candles to the mix to revamp the decor whenever you wish to. Candles can be paired with flower pots, potpourris and metal vases to create an accent décor. This idea can suit coffee tables made from wood or glass. The number of pieces will depend on the size of the table. For example, a coffee table in square shape like Eren cannot accommodate too many pieces. So a simple decoration can be done with a statement candle, one flower vase and a small figurine.

Eren and Remire Coffee Table

Serving tray – Serving trays are one of the practical centerpieces that makes a lot of sense for those who want their living room furnishings to have as much functionality as possible. As center tables are frequently used to serve beverages or snacks to guests, placing a beautiful serving tray as a centerpiece can very much suit the purpose. However, you may not want to serve any food or drink on that tray and keep it as a showpiece. But you can place items like candles, vases, bowls and other showpieces. Having a serving tray will keep the surface of the table cleaner. You can choose a contrasting shape of the tray to create an interesting focal point. For example, the rectangular Remire coffee table with a storage compartment can be decorated with a beautiful round serving tray to create the contrast. If you buy a similar coffee table having a storage compartment beneath the tabletop, you may keep some more items there that can replace the existing items on the serving tray when you are bored with the usual look. The material of the serving tray can vary from glass to wood or wicker. You can choose a contrasting material for the tray depending on the material of the table.


Books – Almost all pictures of center tables that you can find online or in a magazine has one or more books on it. Books are one of the best centerpieces that you can have for your table. They add texture and character to the decor. You can stack a few of your favorite books to create some height and add a vase, a long candle or a small figurine to create a mix and match of different heights. The decor will be eye-catching and unique. Books as centerpieces can suit a wide range of centre table styles like a vintage one as Oren or an offbeat one like the Cagua coffee table that has a rustic style. Choose the best of your collection of books having colourful covers, so that they can interest your guests to have a peek inside. Books on your living room table can be great conversation starters as well.

Cagua Coffee TableCrystals – Crystal show pieces add a delicate and feminine touch to your living room decor when you use them as centerpieces for your drawing room table. Crystals are stunning and add a lot of positive energy with their radiant beauty. They have a complex shape that creates a great eye-catching decor for the room. This decor idea can suit wooden tables like Kariy or Devin by Aprodz, coffee tables having marble top and metal tables. You can add interesting geometric shaped crystals, crystal figurines, vases or abstract artefacts.

Kariy or Devin Coffee table by AprodzWicker baskets – Wicker baskets having candies or fruits can add a country feel to the decor. This can suit coffee tables with farmhouse vibes like Purral by Aprodz. If you have wicker furniture in your living room like a sofa or chair made from rattan, this decor can create a lovely yet minimalistic theme. The light and subtle decor can suit those who do not want to go over the top with flowers, candles or metallic showpieces.

Metal accents – Metal accents are gorgeous and extravagant. But they can suit your living room if you are in a mood to flaunt! Different metallic figurines from busts to art pieces are enough to make a very impressive fashion statement, thus, making your coffee table unique and classy. One glittering and glamorous metallic centerpiece can easily draw attention to the table without having any additional decor accompanying it. Metal pieces are best suited for classic coffee tables with round wooden legs as it will add more class and charm to the timeless design.

Up-cycled or recycled decor – If you love to go-green or on a budget yet want to have a stylish centerpiece for your living room table, you can art upcycling glass bottles and metal vases to give a revamped new look. Such recycled pieces can make an environment-friendly decor if you opt for a coffee table made from reclaimed wood like the Yuruani and even a modern coffee table in black or white. Upcycled glass bottles can be used as vases for fresh flowers, glass bowls can be painted and used as a pot for a succulent.

The coffee table decor depends on the style of the table, the material, the seating arrangement of your room and your personal decor styles. Also, you should keep in mind to incorporate as much functionality as you can to make your effort worthwhile.

Styling and decorating your table starts after you buy the best center tables for your homes. Aprodz is one of the most popular online furniture stores from where you can check out designs of coffee tables along with the price. You can have a look at their collection by visiting

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