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A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Bar Cabinets for your Home

Buying Guide To Bar Cabinets For Home

Be it for an impromptu cocktail party or sudden celebration of an occasion with a bottle of champagne, having a bar cabinet for home is always a good idea, especially if you love to celebrate with liquor. Moreover, a stylish bar cabinet speaks elegance and class. It can be the center of attraction of any room and impress your guests if you want to flaunt your wine collection. Different bar cabinet ideas can be made to complement the interior decor of your home. But how to choose the perfect bar cabinet for home India that suits your need?

There are a few things you should consider before you can start exploring bar cabinet design ideas in various stores online or offline. For example, do you wish to flaunt your liquor collection or need an enclosed cabinet that looks like a regular cabinet from outside? Or, if you want to buy a classic wooden cabinet to store your wine and drinking glasses or a bar cabinet with wheels that is possible to move across rooms?

There are several furniture stores in India that offer beautiful wooden bar cabinets suitable for your house. Aprodz is one of the most popular online furniture stores in the country that offers durable and elegant wooden bar cabinets for sale. We have a huge collection of stylish bar cabinet design made from the best quality of wood. You can also customize some of our designs based on your requirements.

Things to consider when choosing a bar cabinet


If you are choosing a bar cabinet online, you should ascertain the size of the room where you will be placing the furniture. For example, do you want the cabinet to be placed in your kitchen or you want a vintage bar cabinet for your living room?

nucla bar cabinet

For a bar cabinet to be placed in the kitchen, it can be kept in a small corner where there is lesser activity. A bar cabinet tall and slim in shape can fit into a corner and act as additional storage for the kitchen. For a wine cabinet in the living room, you may want to have an ice maker as well. We have bar cabinets of all sizes and shapes, from spacious elaborate designs that look majestic to compact bar cabinet for small spaces that look equally chic.

Home Décor

You can base your bar cabinet design ideas on the décor of the room where you will be keeping it. We have some of the most unique designs that can look very stylish in a modern home. For example, we have the Nucla Bar Cabinet made from solid wood with a vintage design that can look best in a traditional setting. We also have the extremely stylish Genoa Bar Cabinet that is one of our best bar cabinets in modern styles.Holder bar cabinet

Even if you plan to make the bar cabinet the focal point of a room, the bar cabinet furniture should blend in with the décor of the room and not stand out too much.


You should buy a bar cabinet to suit the type of function you want it to serve. Your bar cabinet design can vary depending on the type of drinks you want to store. If you are a frequent drinker or love to party every weekend, your bar cabinet must have enough space to accommodate wine bottles, glasses and openers. If you love drinking occasionally, a mini bar cabinet will serve the purpose without occupying much space. Also, if you love to make cocktails, you can get a multipurpose bar cabinet like the Fruita Bar Cabinet by Aprodz that can stock mixers, spirits beers and mixing tools.

Balgo Bar Cabinet

Storage Features

You should always check the storage features offered by the bar cabinet you want to buy. The cabinet should have proper compartments and drawers to store wine bottles, wine glasses, serving trays and other bar items that can clutter your kitchen when kept unorganized. An open cabinet may have stylish shelves that can accommodate few décor pieces to add to the beauty. The Gurran Bar Cabinet by Aprodz has enough compartments and can be good bar furniture to be placed in a kitchen. It also looks very rustic and stylish, made from Sheesham wood and can be customized to alter storage features based on customer needs.

coal bar cabinetDesign and Style

After you have decided on the purpose your cabinet should serve and the storage features you want it to have, you can start deciding on the style and design to match your taste. Aprodz has both enclosed and open bar cabinets in attractive designs that you will love to have in your home. An open bar cabinet can be the ideal furniture to flaunt your expensive wine collection and stylish glassware.

We have some of the most unconventional styles available like the Holder Bar Cabinet made from reclaimed wood. It will look extremely stylish when kept as a patio bar cabinet if you love hosting outdoor parties in your home during the weekend. We also have the Buena Bar Cabinet, which is a stylish bar counter cabinet with enough storage. The stylish bar counter designs by us can impress your guests. Also, try your own bar counter at home design ideas by customizing the cabinets.

kenny bar cabinet


Wood is the best material for a bar cabinet if you want it for your home. It is strong and stylish, with a classic charm. There are also different materials for a bar counter india, like marble, wood or glass. We have a stunning collection of wooden bar counter for sale that will look magnificent and last for years.

Now, that you know how to find the perfect bar cabinet for your home, check out our exclusive bar counters for sale at, pick the one you need and get it delivered right to your doorstep!

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