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A Buying Guide for Shoe Cabinets

Shoes and slippers scattered around the house can look messy and ruin the ambience of your home. Shoes being in pairs tend to pile up and that can tear the straps of sandals, ruin the heels and end up having dust or dirt on them from lying around. So, keeping your shoes organized will also keep them look like new. In most households, shoes are stored either in racks or cabinets. Shoe racks are open storage that is preferred by many for the convenience in storing and using, while cabinets are closed shelves that can keep the shoes safer and tidier.

Shoe cabinets are quite popular in Indian households where the owners love to decorate their homes with classic wooden furniture. In modern homes, most homeowners prefer to go for shoe cabinet designs that match the rest of the home furnishings. Traditionally, cabinets or cupboards for shoes, boots or sandals are kept at the entryway or hallway. Shoe cabinets for entryway are very useful as people can leave their shoes right after entering the house. Placing shoe cabinets in the hallways also work as well, for homes where the entryways are too narrow to accommodate a cupboard.

How to choose?

Apart from wood, cupboards for storing footwear can be made from metal, fiber and engineered wood. Indian stores offering shoe cabinets for sale have them in different sizes and designs. Choosing the right one will depend on the available space and the kind of shoes you want to store. If you are looking for a proper storage solution for all your expensive and designer shoes, here are a few things that you can consider to make your decision easier.

Sort and De-Clutter

If you are worried about having too many shoes and too little space to store, you can start by sorting the ones you wear frequently. This can help you choose the type of shoe storage racks that you need. It will also help you decide if it is time to throw out some old pairs. You may want to store the shoes that are worn less frequently into boxes and cupboards away from the entrance thus making the place cleaner. You should also decide the number of shoes that need to be stored for regular use because it is not possible to buy a new storage unit whenever you are buying new pairs! You can sort out the work shoes, slippers, designer ones and ethnic ‘jutis’ to understand what kind of cupboard will work for them. Thus, you can arrange them inside the shoe storage chest so that they can be accessed quickly to match your attire when you are getting ready.

Storage Need and Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will also determine the type of shoe closets cabinets and racks that you should buy. If you wear flats and sneakers, you may not need much spacious shoe storage shelves. But heels and boots will need larger or wider racks. If you need more work shoes, you must place the shoe storage cabinet in a place that makes it accessible and does not waste your time when searching for the correct pair. As a buyer, you should also evaluate if you really need separate shoe storage furniture. If you are on a budget, you can easily create a DIY shoe storage unit with shoe storage boxes and wooden crates. You can find many such shoe storage hacks from the internet.

The Available Space

The most important criteria for choosing a cupboard will be to evaluate the available space in the corner of your home where it is going to stand. This will help you determine the size of the cabinet. Most Indian stores sell shoes in the UK sizes, so you should go for shoe storage for UK size shoes when buying from online stores. As for the size of the unit, narrow entryways, passages and hallways will require shoe cabinets for small spaces. A cabinet like the Preto by Aprodz can work as shoe storage for small spaces and narrow passages. However, if you own a huge collection, you may want to have shoe storage in a large cupboard right in your bedroom, in the dressing area. Large and spacious shoe racks and cabinets with shelves and drawers will be ideal in that case.

Style and Features

The style of shoe shelving unit will be determined by the space available in your home, your lifestyle, shoes and personal choice. For smaller homes, compact shoe cabinets with drawers like the Azee by Aprodz will help you store shoes as well as gloves, socks, brushes and polishes. If you wear sneakers and shoes with straps or laces, you can choose shoe cabinets with seats that will help you sit down and put them on. For spacious homes, you can choose shoe cabinets with doors and decide on the style and décor for the door to make it look appealing. Many homeowners love shoe cabinets with glass doors that let them flaunt their designer shoes, while some people want shoe cabinets with sliding doors that are fuss-free and easy to handle.


Both aesthetics and functionality should be considered if you are choosing shoe cabinets from online stores. For example, the Truo by Aprodz is perfect for shoe storage in a small space with its post box designed shelves. It will be quite functional for shoe storage in a narrow hallway, without blocking the space for movement. A shoe organizer with a vertical compartment can help your store knee-high boots, while shoe storage with drawers can store slippers, and storage units with hooks can accommodate flip flops without twisting the straps. For those who love edgy décor and unconventional furniture, you can choose a shoe storage bench that can double up as a regular bench and store all your shoes at the same time. Such benches are space saving and high on functionality.

Home Décor

The décor of your home and furnishings of the interior will determine the colour and design for the cabinet. If you love classic designs you can choose solid wood cupboards with traditional doors and carvings. You will also find modern and chic shoe stands in online stores and neighborhood furniture stores if you have a contemporary home décor. The colour scheme should also match the rest of the furnishings. So homes with neutral shaded décor can choose shoe cabinets in white or beige. Alternatively, if all the pieces of furniture come in the wooden finish, you can go for a similar style for the shoe rack as well.

Now that you know how to find the perfect shoe rack, you can start checking out online furniture stores like Aprodz. It is one of the popular e-commerce websites that offer beautiful shoe storage cabinets and racks for homes. Visit www.aprodz.com to select one from its collections.

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